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About Me

I view life and work as a game in which I need to figure out the most fun and efficient way to accomplish a task. When I was younger I didn't do so well in school as I found it really boring and who really cared. My parents went to Europe for a month and because I was call a "rambunctious" kid, they put me in boarding school. I don't really remember stressing about being sent off but looking at it as an adventure. Classroom sizes were small in the 5-8 person range so we got lots of individual attention. But the biggest thing I learned and my life's take-a-way was that it's all a game of sorts and my job is to figure out the answer which to me made every problem an adventure and thus fun. My work and life are viewed in that same manner now. If there's a problem or situation, the adventure begins and I need to figure out what to do. I believe this is how I became so focused on workflow and general life efficiency as I know there's always a better, simpler, enhanced, and more fun way to accomplish something and I just need to take the time to figure it out. Now I've decided to share my wins with others so that you too can make your workflow efficiency simple and keep everything in your office interconnected.

Where to Begin?

In order to be of greater service it's vital to know more about you, your company, and what you hope to accomplish by working together. And if you're completely lost and overwhelmed that's okay as well. Do you presently have a CRM or are looking for one? Are you a solopreneur or manage a small team? Can you effectively manage your clients and vendors from anywhere in the world? Is everything you need to run your business easily at your fingertips? While your specific industry doesn't matter, it's nice to know in order to properly make recommendations as your CRM needs to be customizable to your needs and not the other way around. Finally, your CRM and cloud based apps should help you sell Smarter, Better, and Faster.